The dairy Cooperative of Pamplie offers a thick creme fraiche made from milk’s cream, collected in the Charentes Poitou area. Made in the pure traditional way, our cream  has a slow maturation and the addition of selected lactic ferments gives it an uncomparable texture and smoothness, for all sweet and savoury recipes. 

Also called the flower of milk, the creme fleurette from the Cooperative of Pamplie is obtained from a pasteurized milk’s cream. Its taste is sweeter and its texture more liquid than a thick crème fraiche, because there is no addition of lactic ferments. 

When whipping for Chantilly , it is light and has a nice extension,  ideal for pastries, emulsions and espumas.

Crème fleurette
Bucket of 5 liters

Thick crème fraîche
Bucket of 5 liters