June 1st World Milk Day

Consumed in several countries, milk is a universal drink, which, on the one hand, it feeds and helps to keep the populations healthy, and on the other hand, is a source of income for the farmers and the employees of the dairy companies. June 1st , World Milk Day, all the actors of the milk sector commit themselves to remind the importance of the milk and highlight its economical and societal challenges. 

This year, once again, the sanitary conditions do not allow us to organize an event and to invite visitors to discover the whole milk activity and to visit our factory. However we remain committed to preparing the future of our dairy Cooperative and its farmers. 

Workd Milk Day 

Each year since 2001, on the 1st of June, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation promotes milk and the milk sector by showing all aspects of this ‘’white gold’’ : the products and their specifications, the preservation and production patterns, the organization of the industry and the milk sector, the nutritional qualities, the importance of the local economy, the consumption …

Followed the first year mainly by the developing countries, events and demonstrations are now organized everywhere in the world, by promoting this day the local characteristics of the milk.  In France, CNIEL (the French Dairy Industry Inter-Professional Organization) and its regional branches are present to inform about the dairy sector and to exchange about its future.

Pamplie, a forward looking dairy Cooperative 

To ensure the sustainability  of our dairy Cooperative and its farmers is at the core of our strategy since many years. To maintain a  fair remuneration of our farmers through 2 actions  to give added value to our products and to support  the young generation of farmers. Pamplie is one of the latest independent dairy Cooperative, still seeks profitability through the quality of its products. 

This recognition of a strong and demanding commitment of the dairy production is an important motivation for our farmers, passionate about their job but facing the daily difficulties 

In addition of this commitment, we have decided to launch in 2014, a plan JA (Young farmers), to support the young generation. Including a financial support, this plan helped 18 young farmers when they started over 7 years. In 2021, five of them are still supported. 

In a national context of ageing farmers and transmission difficulties, this number of a third young farmers among the whole farmers, is a ratio which allows the dairy Cooperative of Pamplie to progress by keeping an excellent level of quality.