Our dairy farmers

The Dairy Cooperative of Pamplie has over sixty members/dairy farmers, located within a 80 km radius around the factory, their farms provides the milk used for the production of the Pamplie butter, yogurts, fromage blanc, uht milk as well as the Fontaine des Veuves raw butter.

They pay attention on their livestock’s health, and they are really invested in the decisions made by the Dairy Cooperative. They are committed to in favor of a sustainable and  environmentally responsible agriculture, focused on preserving the natural heritage, the traditional know-how and the cooperative culture.

The Dairy Cooperative ensures a fair and equitable salary to their dairy farmers, and supports them to produce milk in quantity and in quality. Convinced that its future is with the new generation, the Dairy Cooperative of Pamplie supports the young farmers in their creation and setup during  all their activity.

We are lucky of having a factory doing a great butter in churn, a trade mark and that’s gold. Let’s go on working, with the PDO (AOP), with the short channels, the local shops with our members/dairy farmers of the Cooperative.

Philippe ROBIN ,
Administrator of the Dairy Cooperative of Pamplie

Interview d’Isabelle Bernier
Productrice Pamplie à La Rainerie

Interview de Monsieur Baillargeau
Producteur Pamplie à la ferme La Petite Garonnière

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Producteur Pamplie à La Poupetière

Interview de Jean-François Richard
Producteur Pamplie à La Poupetière