The authenticity of flavors since 1905

With more than 100 years of experience,  the commitment of excellence and the respect of a terroir, the dairy Cooperative of Pamplie keeps day to day, the expression of a terroir and culinary refinement, traditional know- how of the farmers and strong creativity of the chefs.

In Deux-Sèvres department
in the heart of Gatine, a rich and generous nature and fertile soil

An independent dairy Cooperative, with 60 members farmers committed to a sustainable agriculture and a high quality production.

A recipe in traditional churn unchanged
since 1905


Protected Designation of Origin

A unique terroir between land and sea, an authentic know- how, an irresistible nutty taste …The PDO (AOP) Charentes-Poitou is the signature of passionate professionals and provides a high quality and tasty butter.

Pamplie, a butter PDO (AOP) Charentes-Poitou

All over the world, Pamplie lights up
the French gastronomy

Appreciated for its high quality, Pamplie butter is present on the most prestigious tables, where it delights the taste buds. Recognized for its exceptional quality for puff pastries and cooking, it is used for great desserts and sophisticated recipes by renowned chefs


Toast slices

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Collège culinaire de France

The Pamplie dairy Cooperative has been a member of College Culinaire de France since 2015. This association with 3000 high end restaurants and quality manufacturers is committed to promoting the heritage and the future of the French artisan culinary heritage.

Pamplie, le beurre des chefs

Our range of dairy products

Discover our dairy products from cows fed with GMO free :

Pasteurized and raw milk butters, unsalted and salted, 100% natural yogurts, crème fraiche and fleurette, plain fromage blanc, and UHT milk GMO free.

pdo (aop) butters

raw milk butters

crèmes épaisse
and fleurette

and fromage blanc

uht milk

Buy our products and learn more

The Pamplie dairy products are present in the kitchens of chefs and on the most prestigious tables, as well as in retail and dairy shops. You can also buy them on Pour de Bon website and in our local Pamplie shop. 

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David Seguin

Pamplie ambassador

Chef of the restaurant l’Adress at Bessines, David Seguin has selected our PDO (AOP) Charentes Poitou and our other products for the preparation of his dishes. 

He shares, for us, some of his recipes, between memories of childhood and French culinary style

Find out more on his recipes