Our terroir

The Dairy Cooperative of Pamplie was founded in 1905 by a few farmers in the small village of PAMPLIE, located in Deux Sevres Department, in the heart of Gatine a region well known for its dairy production.

The history and the development of the dairy cooperative are closely linked to its territory :  the region was specialized in the cultivation of vines,  when a large part of the vines had been devasted by the phylloxera crisis, at the end of the 19th of century, the farmers had to focus on new activities, such as the polyculture and above all the breeding of dairy cows. At the same time the Association of the Dairy Cooperatives from Charentes and Poitou join together and pool resources such as for the transport of the goods to Paris and to the big cities.

The butter of Pamplie having the PDO (AOP) Charentes Poitou is from a unique terroir.  A mild climate, generous and fertile soils, as well a traditional method in churn barrel give it all authentic flavors and exceptional qualities.

This Gatine, so well preserved, is our cradle and our pride. It is very important for me, to give more value and more relevance to the local productions.

Jean-Pierre GERMAIN,  farmer since 1981 and President of the Dairy Cooperative of Pamplie since 2013
La première usine de Pamplie

1931 – Extension of the milk collection within 30 kms radius around the factory, 2 millions liters of milk are collected per year. The trucks replaced horses and mules for the milk’s collection. The factory continues to deliver the Halles of Paris and several groceries in Paris area as well as in Lille.

Les camionnettes livrent à la laiterie le lait collecté auprès des producteurs.

1984 – Milk quotas are implemented, reducing by 10% the production of the farms, while the Dairy Cooperative is committed to protect its members/dairy farmers and to guarantee them a fair salary, one of the highest in Poitou Charentes area.

1996 – A new factory is built at Pamplie. The decision was made in 1990, because the old premises did not meet the European hygiene standards as well the as the technologies of production.

A new factory for the Dairy Cooperative of Pamplie, bigger and more adapted to the current hygiene standards.

2005 – The Dairy Cooperative of Pamplie celebrates its 100th anniversary, André Barribaud the president, Michel Drochon, the Director and their team invite the members/dairy farmers, customers and political figures.

1906 – The Dairy Cooperative of La Miochette, the name of the valley where is located Pamplie, is founded by 7 dairy farmers including Henri Quinault and Théodore Morisset, who initiated the project. It becomes the Dairy Cooperative of Pamplie with 132 members/milk farmers.

La livraison de lait et de beurre à Paris

1963 – The Dairy cooperative of Pamplie keeps growing strongly, with the progress and the development of the mechanization during the 30 Glorious years, and with the arrival of Raymond Sapin, its new Director. He is an excellent manager, he federates, and is a visionary man.  He works to ensure the company’s sustainability and independence, when the cooperatives join together to meet the challenges of the dairy industry.

Our butter was among the best, it won gold medals in Paris and Leon Moreau, the President believed in our dairy Cooperative. Within that, I knew how to manage the cooperative : ensure a good, cautious and rigorous governance and increase the milk’s production.

Raymond Sapin, Directeur de la Laiterie Coopérative de Pamplie de 1963 à 1997
The old factory of the Dairy Cooperative closed its doors after 90 years of service

2003 – Sharing the same values of quality as well as the solidarity between the dairy farmers, the Cooperative of La Fontaine des Veuves joins the Cooperative of Pamplie, to cope with the economic situation. This merger enables to keep the tradition of the raw butter and to maintain its production.

These last years – the Dairy Cooperative of Pamplie has changed, in one hand with  a partnership with other dairy companies : local launching of a  uht milk, and in other hand, with  launching of a range of ‘’Ultra Fresh’’ dairy products, with a workshop dedicated to the production of stirred yogurts 100% natural and a plain fromage blanc.

You can discover all the history of Pamplie and the dairy industry of Deux Sèvres in Cecile Girardin’s book : Pamplie, le beurre des chefs et le yaourt des gourmets.