Roasted langoustines in espuma of citrus fruit butter and season vegetables

Perfect for a festive starter or for a gourmet salad, the roasted langoustines in espuma of citrus fruit butter and season vegetables, are a spring recipe, which sublimate the iodine flavors of the sea.  

Une recette du Chef David Seguin,
ambassadeur Pamplie et Chef du restaurant L’Adress à Bessines (79)

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– 16 langoustines size 16/20
– 120 g of Pamplie unsalted butter
– 3 blood oranges
– 100 g of cooked green beans
– 100 g of cooked green peas
– 16 big peeled and cooked green asparagus
Decoration tip : daisy flower and a leaf of ‘’Vene Cresse’’

Servings : 4

Make soften the butter at room temperature and mix it with a whisk. Add orange zests while you keep beating. Add a pinch of pepper and beat again for a while.
Prepare the segments : remove the peels of oranges
Shell the langoustines by leaving the tail.
Warm the citrus fruit butter over a low heat in a frying pan and put the langoustines, the asparagus, the green beans and the green peas.
Roast the langoustines on each side for a minute.
Place harmoniously in a serving dish and decorate with few flowers and herbs.
Season with pepper and a dash of fleur de sel.

Serve with a dry white wine, young and fresh.